The Voice of Experience

Just a quick note, to point you towards the Voice of Experience contest, organized by Martin Griffiths, which has just launched on Board Game Geek.

It’s a review writing contest, designed to encourage critical commentary from a perspective of familiarity with the games in question. Reviews submitted can be of any ranked game in the Board Game Geek database, and can be produced by new or established reviewers. The one requirement is that the reviewer should have played the game he or she is reviewing ten times or more.

I am genuinely honoured to be on the judging panel. I admire a great deal that has been written by the other judges – both in the form of reviews, and other commentary. I’m very excited to see what the contest will inspire in its entrants, and would be glad to see submissions from readers of this blog.

There are prizes. As it stands, the winner receives a copy of the card game JAB: Realtime Boxing, and 80 geekgold, but there seems a good chance of more being donated to the prize pool.

The final entry deadline is May 28th.

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