The New Year Hit Parade

Hello, hello! It’s New Year, which means I feel inclined to suspend a self-imposed rule against passing off lists as worthwhile material. After all, the first full calendar year of Painted Wooden Cubes has just finished, which means juicy stats to ogle.

The most read pieces on the site were all broader articles, rather than game reviews. Though I’ve rarely been first off the mark in considering new games, so the news is no great surprise, it’s nevertheless pretty pleasing: to read an article about the mentality of the collector, or one about the need (or otherwise) for egality in game design seems to demand a richer interest in understanding games than reading a review does.

I’m still pleased if you enjoy my reviews, of course. You get what I mean, I hope.

In no small part thanks to the attentions of Reddit (Hello!) and Tom Vasel ( Hello!), the following were my most read articles this year:

Most read articles:

1. On Collections and Identity

2. Agricola, and Assessing the Value of Moves Untaken

3. Balance Issues

Meanwhile, these were my most read reviews. Big name games, big spikes on the hit counter. I promise I’ll not be taking any lesson this implies to heart: a lot of the games I love are popular, but I’ll shout about any game I care for, whether it be widely celebrated or not.

Most read reviews:

1. Arabian Knights: A Review of Sid Meier’s Civilization, and its Expansion, Fame and Fortune

2. Cubist Landscapes: A Review of Agricola

3. Inspiration and Calculation: A Review of Innovation

I’m not giving away exactly how many/few views these reviews and other articles each had. Readership of Painted Wooden Cubes continues to grow, but I’m neither sufficiently skilled, nor dedicated, as a self-promoter to have made this blog into a phenomenon, however proud I am of what I’ve written here. One thing that is cool, however, is that the site had views from 73 countries in 2012. Hello Mauritius! Hello Grenada! I’d love a hundred countries in 2013. Tell your local friends about the site if you want, but if you have friends in far flung lands then make an extra effort to reach out to them. Thanks!

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