Voice of Experience 2.0

Exciting news!

The second annual Voice of Experience review contest has been launched on Board Game Geek. The contest asks reviewers to provide critical analyses of games they know well – that they’ve played at least ten times. The winning review will be more than a mere rule-book re-write: it’ll be a pleasure to read, and offer the kind of insight only real familiarity with a game can offer.

This year, I’m especially looking forward to the contest since it focuses upon lighter games. All games reviewed should have a Board Game Geek ‘weight’ rating of 2.0 or less. (For context, Carcassonne is rated 2.0 exactly, Ticket to Ride, 1.9.)

Last year saw over 50 entries, many of which I’d consider to be among the most valuable contributions to Board Game Geek that I’ve seen.

I’m delighted to have been asked to help in judging the competition. I genuinely cannot wait to see what people contribute. I’d be especially pleased to see readers of Painted Wooden Cubes submitting pieces. I won’t be too partisan. I promise.

There will be prizes.

Go here to find out more, and go here for a list of all entries (at the time of writing none have yet been submitted, but do subscribe to that page to be notified when reviews arrive).

That’s about all for now. Except, while I have your attention, I’d like to say thanks for being patient while Painted Wooden Cubes is running quietly: it’s sadly necessary while I’m finishing my thesis. Two months to go. Hopefully.

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