About the Site

Painted Wooden Cubes intends to be a site that values a board or card game as an experience, not just as a set of rules and wooden and plastic pieces. A board game isn’t just a die, a board and a few dozen wooden cubes, after all.

Painted Wooden Cubes is not interested in talking about games as gateways or fillers – or as any unit that forgets to explain why we want to play games in the first place. Instead, I want to talk about the love, hate, excitement and anger playing games can and should involve. And the humour. Let’s not ignore the importance of that.

Thus, the reviews on this site often pull out the stories of triumph and despair a great game can produce. They tell you about how the game relates to life. They will gush about beautiful artwork if and when they can. They won’t, however, tell you about every rule, every playing piece and the size of box a game comes in. You can find that information in enough places already.

The other articles here explore board and card gaming from the same sort of perspective, but in a format that allows for a wider discussion than that which is offered by a review of an individual game.

Thanks for visiting.

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