Painted Wooden Cubes can be contacted in roughly a trillion ways (okay, four main ones). It’d be great to hear from you. Queries, suggestions, cooking tips – I’m interested in them all. Not so much in discount medication – I get offered enough of that already.

Email me at

I’m on Twitter: @woodencubes

and there’s also a Facebook Page

You can also comment in the box below.

6 thoughts on “Contact

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  3. Great article. Cahiers reinvented film criticism – I am not sure boardgame criticism exists yet in a meaningful form. Therefore Is there an intermediate step before something like a cahiers can be useful and that is an exploration of the critical techniques and language of boardgames as suggested by Jesse, you and others. It might be best served outside the ‘geek in an open forum, and a cahiers like publication might come from it.

  4. Mark – I really enjoy your writing. Let me know if you would be interested in contributing to our community at World [3] Games.

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